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Saturday, December 1, 2018 

Being able to dry and warm up work garments in between shifts is logically a must to the crew working onboard vessels, whether it be to deal with the extremely low temperatures, bad weather circumstances, or perhaps even both.

To provide a comfortable work environment is a crucial corporate goal to reach. Nevertheless, it does not only apply to vessels and their crews out at sea, the workers at the newbuilding or repair yards too show high interest in Pronomar’s professional drying systems.

Those who are dedicated to repair or refit ships know what it is like to work under tough work conditions too. A lot of these activities are carried out during the winter months, when ships are temporarily not operational. It is of high importance that the cold weather doesn’t slow personnel down. Being able to work in dry attire will not only prolong the lifespan of the costly outfits, but will also stimulate and motivate the crew.

The drying systems are easy to install and there are different types of open configurations, drying cabinets and containerised solutions possible, which enables shipyards to place the systems where and how it suits them best. This means that employees can easily store workwear, boots, gloves and/or helmets at the end of the day in the changing room, knowing they will be completely dry and warm before beginning their next shift.

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