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Friday, April 12, 2019  (Comments: 1)

Exhaust gas cleaning equipment manufacturer Yara Marine says that after only three months of local presence in Shanghai, customers are already benefiting from shorter delivery times for Yara's high demand SOx scrubbers.

With the opening of the Shanghai office, Yara Marine has been able to effectively cut delivery time on their SOx scrubbers down towards eight months on some projects. This, the company believes, represents a significant opportunity for shipowners who still have not secured retrofit slots with acceptable delivery dates.

Following record sales in 2018, Yara Marine has been working on building up the organisation to be able to offer the same reliable, corrosion resistant product customers have come to expect from Yara, while at the same time reducing system delivery time.

“We now have more than 25 dedicated and skilled engineers at our Shanghai office, including dedicated resources for quality and progress follow-up at our manufacturers. The staff in Shanghai has done an amazing job in such a short time”, says Yara Marine COO Ina Reksten (pictured). "Our investments in capacity expansion are for the long term.”

“Yara Marine Technologies’ customers value the quality of our products. By ramping up our production in Shanghai, we are now able to deliver the same top quality scrubbers with a significantly reduced delivery time”, said CEO Peter Strandberg.

With most scrubber installations being handled in the Asia-pacific region, Yara Marine determined that establishing a local presence was the most viable solution to improve operation efficiency and cut production time to an even more competitive level. Customers have responded positively to Yara Marine’s shortened production times. The rush to scrubber retrofits is clogging yards, and shipowners need the flexibility to be able to accept slots as they open up, making quick and timely delivery of equipment even more critical.

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Delighted that the scrubber technology is so much in demand - great for the ecology! Some years ago instigated a research program at Newcastle university into the development of closed cycle design applied to diesel and gas turbine operation. Emulsified fuels were utilised to reduce NOX and CO2 during combustion together with the inclusion of scrubbers to remove any further particulates the "exhaust thus permitting return to inlet Fuel consumption was significantly reduced and application to "closed areas" such as underground mine transport,submarines etc enhanced! Not a boast just want to see better growth of application of related development!!

By Prof.R.V. Thompson on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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