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Monday, December 17, 2018 

China’s Wenchong Shipyard has delivered a 1400TEU, LNG fuelled box ship to CMA CGM subsidiary Containerships.

Containerships Nord, the Finnish operator’s first containership to run on LNG as a marine fuel, will now deploy for Europeam operations. Three sisterships are scheduled to join the fleet during the first half on 2019.

“By taking this decision [to operate these vessels on LNG], we accepted the challenge of building with a new technology. It has been a rewarding project full of learning opportunities. This project has required high levels of expertise and constant development. Success requires excellent co-operation between the involved parties. Needless to describe how proud and enthusiastic we are of having received the first vessel, said Containerships’ CEO Kari-Pekka Laaksonen.

Containerships’ objective is to create a complete, LNG based door-to-door supply chain in Europe. In addition to LNG-powered vessels, the company looks for constant growth of LNG-fuelled transport capacity on land by investing in LNG-fuelled trucks.

“CMA CGM is [one of the] first deep sea shipping lines that has made public its commitment to LNG. There is a great synergy in our environmentally-friendly visions, which naturally gives us even more courage to continue on the chosen path,” Laaksonen said.

Using LNG throughout the logistics supply chain saves up to 25% on contribution to Global Warming compared to traditional multimodal transportation. Compared to traditional land transportation, the number increases up to 60%.

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