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Incorporating Clean Shipping International


Thursday, September 27, 2018 

Pacific Green Marine Technologies has been selected to supply and install its ENVI-Marine scrubber to sixteen vessels owned by UK-based tanker operator Union Maritime. The contract is valued at US$29.4million.

The contract follows the success of the ENVI-Marine scrubber installation to Union Maritime Limited’s chemical tanker Westminster.

Following Pacific Green Technologies audit of numerous yards, Pacific Green Technologies appointed Besiktas in Turkey to install the hybrid system enabling the ship’s crew to determine whether to use the system in either open or closed loop modes.

The ship’s main engine generates up to 40,790 kg/hr or 31,530 Nm3/h of flue gas from combustion of heavy fuel oil containing approximately 3wt% of Sulphur. The flue gas typically has a temperature of 235°C and an SOx concentration of up to 1,500 mg/Nm3.

An American Bureau of Shipping technical surveyor monitored the emissions output after the ENVI-Marine install at various operational speeds and with the scrubber operating both in modes to monitor the emissions measurement at each speed.

In Open Mode tests confirmed a sulphur content of 0.005% which is 5% of the allowable limit. In Closed Mode at the various speeds, sulphur content in the exhaust was of 0.015% which is 15% of the allowable limit.

“The ENVI-Marine performance on UML’s Westminster is a substantially better than the maximum emissions limits regulation for both SECA and IMO 2020 Regulations in either Open or Closed Modes,” said the company.

Earlier in September, Pacific Green Marine Technologies inked an agreement with an unnamed international operator for twenty-five scrubber production slots.

PGT’s Executive Director, Scott Poulter, said: “We have worked with our new partner to find a mutually beneficial solution that allows them to book production slots for our ENVI-Marine scrubbing system at fixed prices, for installation at various yards in Asia during the contract period.

“The Agreement provides the flexibility to decide the vessel and the delivery date during the contract period. We are committed to finding solutions that address the needs of fleet owners and operators.”

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