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Friday, May 10, 2019 

According to Gard, the Ukraine government has amended its policies on ballast water sampling in ports.

The recently-published Resolution No 367 cancels control of segregated ballast in Ukrainian ports and ecological inspectors are no longer permitted to inspect vessels for the purposes of 'ecological control', including taking and analysing ballast water samples. Previously, ecologists were allowed to analyse segregated ballast water samples if they noticed any visible traces of pollution during de-ballasting.

The new Resolution has been introduced as an interim measure until new protocols for sampling and testing of ballast water have been adopted. Gard's local correspondent, Legat Odessa LLC, believes that ecologists will continue to inspect ballast systems, log books and ballast water exchange logs, to look for evidence of documentary non-compliance, as well as look for possible pollution from grey water. 

Gard recommends that masters calling at Ukraine ports should ensure, via their agents, that the designated berth has no visible traces of pollution prior to arrival, and for crew to check for any traces of pollutants while the vessel is alongside. If any pollution is noted, the port authorities and the ship's P&I Club should be informed. Vessels should additionally strictly adhere to the State Inspection for Protection of the Black Sea requirements, and ensure that all documentation relating to the ballast water is complete and up to date.

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