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Saturday, June 29, 2019 

Japanís Tsuneishi Shipbuilding has received its first order for the newly developed 42,000t TESS42-type log and bulk carrier. Several vessels will be built for an undisclosed Japanese owner, with the first in the batch scheduled for delivery from the groupís Zhoushan Shipbuilding facility in China.

The newly developed TESS42 follows the design concept of the TESS38 while improving transportation efficiency, with deadweight capacity increased by approximately 2,000t with the same draught and by approximately 400dwt at full load.

The TESS (Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship) series has been develop as a highly versatile ship that combines operational performance and economy. The first model in the series, TESS40, a 40,000dwt bulk carrier, was delivered in 1984.

“With growing demand for cargo transport due to economic growth in Asia, we foresaw the need for a larger version of the handysize log and bulk carriers and developed this ship model, which maintains the compact size of the TESS38 but has enhanced transportation capability,” said a group spokesperson in a release posted on the Tsuneishi website.

Standard equipment includes a cargo securing device for carrying logs on the deck, making it possible to simultaneously transport both logs and bulk cargo. Like TESS38, the larger vessel is a versatile vessel equipped with four deck cranes, wide-opening hatch covers, and semi-box-type cargo holds suitable for transporting steel products.

With emissions compliant technologies to reduce  emissons of NOx (nitrous oxides) and a scrubber for reducing SOx (sulphur oxides), TESS40 has also been optimised to achieve outstanding operational efficiency. Combined with equipment including the newest electronically-controlled engine, it reduces fuel consumption per ton mile by approximately 4% or more at the same draught and same vessel speed of the TESS38, thus greatly extending cruising distance.

“Our customer chose TESS42 for its high transportation capability and versatility combined with its compact size. We at Tsuneishi Shipbuilding intend to expand our sales activities, targeting clients both in Japan and abroad,” stated the shipbuilder.

In response to changing market conditions Tsuneishi has expanded the series with variations including the TESS45, TESS52, TESS58, TESS64, and TESS98.

Tsuneishi has shipbuilding bases in Japan, the Philippines, China, and Paraguay.

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