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Monday, September 10, 2018 

The clock is ticking for a significant number of vessels which have not yet met the rehooking regulations (IMO MSC.1 / Circ 1392) which specifies that all non compliant Lifeboat Release and Retrieval Systems (LRRS) must be replaced at the first scheduled dry docking after 1st July 2014 but no later than 1st July 2019.

“There is no reason to suggest this deadline will be extended,” says Paul Watkins, Regulatory and Compliance Manager, Survitec. “Although, we are aware that some flag states are already being contacted by vessel owners, looking to extend the period. These dispensation requests are due to stated, future plans to scrap the vessel shortly after the deadline, or a delayed scheduled dry docking shortly after the 1st July 2019”.

It’s worth noting that Flag states do have the flexibility to allow this, if they wish, within the confines of the circular. “Controversially, we may see vessels looking to re-flag to Registers which will give them this flexibility” he adds.

According to the IMO there are 160 hooks in the market place and only just over half of these are compliant, with a further 30% becoming compliant after modification. This, says the company, leaves a huge number of vessels under pressure to meet the deadline in the next nine months.

Survitec is seeing an increase in demand on a regional basis, as over 60% of dry-dockings are carried out in Asia and the Middle East, mainly China and Singapore. Paul Watkins comments: “Currently, it’s predominantly the large cargo vessels which still require their LRRS to be replaced. We enter into discussions carefully with customers to understand their needs and work with them to ensure their compliance is met at the due docking stage.”

While annual inspections usually take place on board the vessel, most of the 5-year inspections and load testing will be carried out during dry dockings. Survitec’s global lifeboat offer and re-hooking offer has clearly defined lump sum prices covering the global ports, using either local technicians or flying squads to cover the required inspections.

The company says that, as a class approved re-hooking service provider, it is able to replace hooks on any lifeboat to ensure compliance with the latest SOLAS approval standard (MSC.320 & 321(89)). Survitec’s Safelaunch and RocLoc hook replacement options are claimed to be robust, easy to maintain and unambiguous in operation.

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