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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 

The 84m long and 19.1m wide superyacht ‘White Rabbit’ built by Australian yard Echo Yachts and designed by Sam Sorgiovanni is equipped with azimuth thrusters from German propulsion company Schottel.

To ensure maximum manoeuvrability, White Rabbit is provided with two Schottel Pump Jets and one Rim Thruster. These low-noise and low-vibration azimuth thrusters were chosen to offer high comfort on the largest yacht ever built in Australia.

The manoeuvring system of the tri-hulled yacht consists of one electric Schottel Rim Thruster type SRT 800 elastically fitted in the bow and delivering an input power of 200 kW. Additionally, two electrically driven Schottel Pump Jets type SPJ 57 RD with an input power of 200 kW are elastically mounted in the stern. In combination, the space-saving thrusters provide optimal manoeuvrability on command.

“Reduced noise and vibration, high efficiency as well as savings in space and weight are important requirements for yachts. With the Schottel Rim Thruster and Schottel Pump Jet our portfolio suits these demands”, said Andreas Witschel, Sales Director Cruise, Ferry and Yachts. “The Pump Jets are completely enclosed by the vessel’s hull and create no additional drag or resistance. It is ideal for vessels frequently operating in DP mode or cruise vessels and yachts with high demands on comfort.”

The Rim Thruster, one of Schottel’s latest developments, is an electric propulsion system without a gearbox or a drive shaft. The stator of the electric motor is installed in the outer part of the tunnel, while the propeller blades are attached to the inside of the rotor. This results in a space-saving and low-weight thruster. The high-performance Rim Thruster converts electrical energy directly into propulsion without transmission losses. The bearings of the rotor are friction bearings, so running in sea water, meaning that no gear oil enters the product – the Rim Thruster is therefore enormously environment-friendly.

The Schottel Pump Jet provides full thrust in all directions and can be used as a reliable manoeuvring system, take-home device and main propulsion unit. The installation is completely flush with the ship's hull: the azimuth thruster is fully protected in shallow-water operation, even in case of grounding. Furthermore, a protective grid at the intake prevents damage by floating debris. A low volume flow on the intake side and also low intake velocity result in a reduced noise level and high efficiency.

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