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Monday, July 29, 2019 

Stena Bulk has issued its latest statement regarding its seized tanker 'Stena Imperio'.

"Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management continue to work closely with the authorities to secure the release of the Stena Impero and its 23 crew members. The vessel remains at anchor in Bandar Abbas.

"The crew members remain in good health and continue to have limited contact with family members, who we continue to support during this difficult time.

"Following a letter from Iranian authorities to the United Nations Security Council outlining alleged violations of international rules and regulations, including an unconfirmed collision, Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management consider it imperative we are granted access to the vessel to conduct a full assessment. We continue to await a response from Iranian authorities to our request.

"As previously stated, from the information we have, there is no current evidence the ship has breached any maritime rules or regulations, and we stand behind the professionalism and conduct of the crew of the Stena Impero.

"We hope this situation can be resolved swiftly and will continue to hold an open dialogue with all involved governments and authorities to secure the release of the crew and vessel."

Earlier, Stena Bulk CEO Erik Hanell said: “Contact continues between the crew of the Stena Impero and the Company, and all those on board are reported to be safe and well under the circumstances."

He confirmed there is no evidence of a collision involving the Stena Impero, and at the time of the seizure the vessel was well within the inbound traffic separation scheme and out-with Iranian territorial waters. All required navigational equipment, including transponders, was fully functioning, in compliance with maritime regulations.

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