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Tuesday, April 23, 2019 

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator (the Administrator) has completed its Marine Casualty Investigation Report into the loss of the very large ore carrier (VLOC) ‘Stellar Daisy’.

The Stellar Daisy, with a crew of 24, sank in the South Atlantic Ocean on 31 March 2017. Two crewmembers were rescued by a vessel in the vicinity and 22 crewmembers are missing and presumed to have perished in the casualty. The Administrator expressed its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the missing 22 crewmembers and its sincere gratitude to all those involved in the search and rescue operation.

The Stellar Daisy was formerly a very large crude carrier (VLCC), which completed its conversion to a VLOC in January 2009. There are currently ten VLCCs that have been converted to VLOCs registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The Administrator’s marine casualty investigation was initiated immediately after confirmation of the vessel’s casualty. The investigation was conducted by a team of Administrator investigators with support from external consultants. The investigation included interviews with the two surviving crewmembers, a detailed review of documents related to the ship’s conversion design, maintenance and inspection history, and cargo records, and a third party and Classification Society technical analysis. It also included a review of a video taken during a deep-sea search that was conducted by the Republic of Korea.

The Administrator’s investigation determined that the likely direct cause of Stellar Daisy foundering was a rapid list to port following a catastrophic structural failure of the ship’s hull that resulted in a loss of buoyancy and uncontrolled flooding.

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