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Friday, May 24, 2019  (Comments: 2)

Eco Marine Power (EMP)'s Aquarius MAS + Solar solution has been installed on the large general cargo ship MV Panamana, by the ship’s crew with remote support provided by Zeaborn Ship Management (Singapore) and EMP from Japan.

Over the next few weeks the solar power equipment will be integrated with EMP’s Aquarius Management and Automation System (MAS) and then put into service.

The Panamana is a 54,694t open hatch general cargo/container carrier owned by Masterbulk of Singapore and built by Oshima Shipbuilding in Japan. Pananama has been the focus of a ship renewable energy study for a couple of years and the installation of the ship solar power equipment is a major milestone for the project.

The equipment installed on the ship so far includes a class-approved hybrid battery pack, battery charging equipment, flexible marine-grade photovoltaic (PV) panels with special mounting frames and a computer automation and management system. Of particular note is that for this project the complete system was sent as installation kits and this allowed for the crew to install the equipment without the need of specialised tools and with technical support provided mainly online or via email.

Lars Modin, CEO Masterbulk said: “Masterbulk is very interested to be part of these trials, made with the target to find out how green energy resources can contribute to reduce usage of fossil fuel. We have a very good working relationship with Eco Marine Power and the promotion of alternative solutions for tangible fuel savings. Therefore, we are keen to see the results of those latest developments and what it can bring to shipping.”

Charan Singh, MD Zeaborn Ship Management said: “As a ship manager, it is our top priority to ensure safe and trouble-free vessel operations for the owner. The high level of technical know-how of our crews in combination with the well-prepared EMP installation kit allowed the implementation of the solar panel without interrupting the voyage vessel’s schedule. We hope that this success will help to promote the use of solar power in shipping to save fuel and reduce emissions".

Greg Atkinson, CTO EMP added: “We are very appreciative of the support provided by the crew of MV Panamana and I’ve been impressed by the skill and dedication they have shown during the entire project. This has allowed us to achieve what I believe is a world first – the installation of a ship solar power system entirely by the crew while the ship operated normally. The solar panel array on the ship for example was installed whilst the ship was at sea. This project also dismisses the myth that solar power is difficult to install on ships or requires the ship to spend days alongside. Yes there were challenges, but thanks to years of R&D including ship solar power trials we were able to deal with these and this also allowed us to further fine tune our installation kits.”

Reader Comments (2)

Well done,certainly a big step in the right direction.How much power was produced some figures would be interesting tony C.Eng.

By tony seago on Monday, May 27, 2019

I would ask - 1. Where are panels and batteries etc. installed ? 2. What are performance figures for the whole installation ? 3. How many panels installed ? The photo shows 8 panels. I have 12 panels on the roof of my house, but this would not do much for a 54,000 gt cargo ship

By Nigel Newnham on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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