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Wednesday, February 27, 2019 

Representatives from major maritime technology companies and related industry stakeholders gathered in London for the inaugural meeting of the Smart Maritime Council, a new initiative created by the Smart Maritime Network to support collaboration and standardisation in the development of IT systems for the shipping sector.

Smart Maritime Network was formed in January 2019 to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders within the maritime and transport logistics sectors, providing a platform to inform the industry on technological developments and innovations while providing wider opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing.

A core element of the initiative is the creation of a Smart Maritime Council, a diverse industry membership group including maritime technology developers, systems integrators and other key stakeholders, which will hold a series of meetings to discuss areas of mutually beneficial collaboration on issues relating to the compatibility, standardisation and harmonisation of the technology used in the modern shipping industry.

Vessel operators are also represented within the membership, to provide the end-user’s perspective on maritime technology development and to help to guide the Council’s discussions by making sure that shipping companies’ real-world operational requirements play a central role in future IT development.

Katerina Raptaki, IT Manager of the Navios Group of Companies and Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communications (AMMITEC) board member, commented: "As Steve Jobs used to say, 'The only way to do great work is to love what you do', and these people love their work. They are passionate and devoted to it."

"I trust that this new initiative will exceed our expectations and offer the shipping industry a new forum for research, knowledge sharing and new opportunities in such a demanding, highly collaborative, challenging and rapidly progressing environment. "

Mark Warner, Marketing & PR Director at Inmarsat Maritime, said: “With increasing digitalisation in the maritime industry powered by high-speed connectivity, Inmarsat is delighted to be part of a network that will provide a platform to promote the benefits of enhanced integration and data sharing among stakeholders whilst simultaneously informing and educating the industry on technological development and innovation.”

The founding members of the Smart Maritime Council include: ABB, AMMITEC, Ceragon, Cobham Satcom, Danish Ship Finance, Dell EMC, Dualog, IB – Influencing Business, Inmarsat, Intellian, JLT, KNL Networks, Kongsberg, MSC, Monohakobi Technology Institute, Sperry Marine, Wallem and Wärtsilä.

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