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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 

Nidec Industrial Solutions company Nidec ASI has presented its first Nidec-brand battery system designed for marine propulsion systems at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam.

The company says its experience gained along the energy supply chain as a system integrator, with over 600 MWh of battery energy storage solutions installed , and in the marine sector with electric recreational propulsion and on-board power generation systems, Nidec has been able to develop this new solution to complete its range of on-board energy storage products.

The innovative batteries, aimed initially at medium and large leisure craft, differ from those currently available on the market through a number of technological features including the 'Single Large String', a large module which is better suited to making up large battery packs and significantly simplifying system set-up.

In addition to offering greater battery efficiency, durability, safety and performance, the Single Large String will make it possible to reduce the number of modules in each battery packs and the number of DC/DC & DC/AC converters. This will simplify wiring and installation on different types of vessels and facilitate the use of hybrid propulsion systems with benefits in terms of weight and volume reduction while allowing greater flexibility in naval architecture.

Nidec ASI focuses on safety, with control systems on each individual cell and detectors to quickly identify any signs of degeneration.

"Presenting this innovative solution once again places us among the forerunners at the helm of a more sustainable development model, committed to offering innovations for transporting people and goods based on the use of renewable energy sources and a reduction in pollutant emissions.  The Marine industry can play an essential role in this progress, converting to electric boating which cannot be separated from the spread in new-generation storage systems. Hence our decision to present our first Nidec ASI battery system, which responds to the growing demand for cutting-edge solutions," said Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions.

The new Nidec batteries, together with customised solutions developed for other sectors, such as the Ultra Fast Charger launched last year, represent another important step forward in a corporate strategy which aims to be a leading player in the process of energy transition and the affirmation of sustainable mobility.

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