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Monday, November 26, 2018 

ChartCo and Klappir Green Solutions have signed an exclusive partnership agreement, under which the two companies will market digital logbooks and software solutions for the global commercial maritime sector, within the ChartCo OneOcean platform. These will focus on the provision of reporting, monitoring, compliance and validation services.

This move reflects ChartCo’s ongoing strategy of simplifying the operation and management of commercial shipping. The ChartCo OneOcean platform is said to be making a positive impact upon the industry with its breadth of applications – from fleet management and e-navigation to regulatory compliance and adherence to safety obligations, all within one solution.

The addition of digital logbooks to ChartCo OneOcean’s range of tools means that comprehensive ship data can be recorded in an environmentally-responsible manner, conforming to guidance from the IMO and MARPOL. As well as recording a ship’s position, course and distance travelled, electronic logbooks catalogue environmentally-sensitive aspects such as fuel usage and discharges, garbage disposal and greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the immediate customer benefits is the fact that onboard data recorded into the digital logbooks will be automatically synchronised via the ChartCo OneOcean cloud, allowing shoreside management to monitor fleet activity, conduct trend analysis and benchmarking exercises, and submit records to regulatory authorities.

Furthermore, logging data digitally both simplifies and shortens a complex and time-consuming manual process and helps to eliminate errors. More than 50,000 commercial ships are required to complete an extraordinarily large volume of logbooks. The inclusion of digital logbooks within OneOcean means that ChartCo can relieve ship operators of the task.

“The maritime sector is in many ways leading the field in environmental reporting and compliance,” said Jón Ágúst Thorsteinsson, CEO of Klappir, “so entering into a partnership with ChartCo is an important step for us in accessing international maritime markets.”

“We are really pleased about our partnership with Klappir,”added Martin Taylor, CEO of ChartCo. “Their environmental maritime software complements our broad range of digital solutions and is a logical extension of our EnviroManager solution which empowers crews to comply with environmental regulations. It’s very exciting to enhance our offering to customers with e-record books. We always listen to our clients, and this new partnership is further proof of our ongoing commitment to addressing their needs, which is of paramount importance to us. And it continues to demonstrate our role as a global leader of digital maritime services.”

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