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Friday, October 26, 2018 

Damen is about to take delivery of 24 vessels to add to its stockholding, and in a first for the company they took the Arctic route between China and Rotterdam onboard the MV ‘Tasmanic Winter’.

An often-asked question is “what is the difference between a ship and a boat?” and the stock answer is “you can have a boat onboard a ship, but cannot have a ship on a boat.”

Dutch builder Damen Shipyards proves this by building vessels such as workboats and tugs in its Chinese shipyards, and transporting them to the Netherlands for finishing off to customer requirements, thus achieving its aim of offering the shortest possible delivery times.

Tasmanic Winter has nearly finished its voyage from China to Rotterdam with 24 new vessels on board built at Damen yards in Changde and Yichang. The valuable cargo took the Northern Sea route along Russia’s north coast, which can reduce the journey time by up to eight days compared with the traditional southern route. On board is a selection of Damen’s most popular tugs, including ASD Tugs 2411, ASD Tugs 2009, ASD Tugs 3010 ICE, Stan Tugs 1606 and Stan Pontoons 4512. As well as a number of other, smaller, tug models, the consignment also has two Stan Launches 804 and the ever-versatile Multi Cat 1506. Arrival at Rotterdam is estimated for 28 October 2018.   

This is Damen’s second batch-shipment this year. In April, the SAL heavy lift vessel MV Lone arrived in Rotterdam from Shanghai with 11 Damen Pontoons on board ranging in size from 41m to 72m in length. Damen considersthis form of transport to be highly cost-effective and allows it to ensure that its clients continue to receive the keenest pricing as well as the group’s trademark quality, in the shortest possible delivery time. Damen says that use of the Northern Sea route will only enhance that competitive edge.

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