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Thursday, November 22, 2018 

Samsung Heavy Industries and Norwegian coatings firm Jotun have successfully applied their new, jointly developed Solvent Free Coating to a 7500m3 LNG Carrier.

The solvent-free paint also has almost zero Volatile Organic Compounds to provide better surface protection. The companies expect the new coating will improve shipbuilding processes by shortening construction time due its low viscosity. Samsung Heavy Industries says that event without use of solvents in the coating desired film thickness can be achieved with only by one application/coat.

Despite the advantages of solvent-free coatings in the shipbuilding industry, it has been known that it is difficult to apply commercial shipments because of the high viscosity, requiring expensive equipment to be purchased for painting and long warm-up and drying time.

Samsung Heavy Industries has secured eco-friendly coating technology that overcomes the technical limitations of these existing solvent-based paints, securing differentiated competitiveness in shipbuilding.

"The painting work is an area where the automation technology is very poor due to the explosion risk of the existing solvent type paint. We will be more productive in the development process," said Gil Gil, director of the Centre for Production Technology Research Centre at Samsung Heavy Industries.

Most of the emissions discharged from shipyards in the shipbuilding process are volatile organic compounds generated from existing solvent-based paints.

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