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Incorporating Clean Shipping International


Tuesday, September 18, 2018  (Comments: 2)

Southampton-based yacht broker TheYachtMarket has revealed details of a 70m plastic clean-up vessel capable of producing its own fuel from the plastic it collects.

Ocean Saviour is a self-powering 70m tri-deck clean-up vessel, engineered to locate, retrieve and recycle plastic from the ocean. Central to its design is something called the “Manta Collector”, an array of collection systems at the side and front of the vessel which when deployed draws in plastic. The vessel will be capapble of collecting 5t of plastic per day.

The plastic waste is then fed into an onboard macerator and chopped finely, milled and processed through an onboard plasma gasification system pioneered by advanced plasma processing company PyroGenesis and first used onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Speaking at the Southampton boat show, Richard W. Roberts, CEO and co-founder of TheYachtMarket and co-founder of Ocean Saviour, commented: “It’s staggering to think that there is currently over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean which is having a huge detrimental impact on our ecosystem and the ocean’s biodiversity. It’s essential that we remove plastic before it breaks down into microplastics and, through Ocean Saviour, we aim to help eradicate the ocean of this problem.”

The design team collaborating on the Ocean Saviour project have recommended a large-scale catamaran as the most economical and stable option on the water.

The design features an open lower deck working area with hinged storm shutters which offer protection from inclement weather. The deck is dedicated to plastic removal and industrial scale recycling.  The mid-section houses two 12m containers housing a research lab and there is a bulk storage area, aft of the crew quarters. Forward mid-ship is a bow designed to lessen the impact of rogue waves, green water and windage and offer maximum visibility for the crew. The wheelhouse is located on the third deck which will also house the main crew areas and helipad.

The people behind the Ocean Saviour project are: Richard W. Roberts - Co-founder Ocean Saviour; Simon White - Co-founder Ocean Saviour; Ricky Smith - Interior Designer; Marine Specialist; Dr Andrew Baglin - Multiphase Design (B.Sc (Phys/Comp Sci), B.Eng (Nav Arch) Hons 1, PhD, AM Rina, SNAME); Stuart Friezer - SFM Naval Architects (B.Sc (Maths, Comp Sci), B.Eng (Nav Arch))

Reader Comments (2)

This is a great step towards cleaning the ocean of this man made environmental disaster. We need to do more in the development and use of more eco friendly products and technologies which will eliminate the use of these plastics in the first place.

By Graeme Hyde on Monday, September 24, 2018

Excellent vision and pioneering efforts by the founders of Ocean Saviour. Hope similar smaller vessels can be designed for operating in highly plastic contaminated waters of inland water ways and rivers.

By VIJAY ANAND GUNTIBOINA on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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