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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 

Schottel of Germany says that since its introduction to the market three years ago, its azimuthing propulsion unit Rudder EcoPeller SRE has delivered on a wide range of different applications for open sea and coastal operating conditions.

The unit, originally targeted at the ferry sector, has gained applications in other markets. In ferries, the SRE has demonstrated its efficiency and ecologically clean credentials by becoming widely accepted in the environmentally-strict Norwegian market. As a result, Schottel has made its mark there by providing propulsion systems for 16 ferries in various power ratings. Some of these systems are equipped with a full-feathering function as a special feature for optimised propulsion efficiency to minimize drag in a flow position.

Beyond ferries, the SRE has successfully entered the merchant vessel segment. A plan for a Chinese oil tanker recently turned into an order for a propulsion package, complete with a Schottel Transverse Thruster. At the same time, the SRE’s wide range of applications has earned an order for an ice-going beacon vessel that will handle multiple tasks in the Asian offshore business. The SRE is now gaining attention in naval and governmental applications, and is reportedly outperforming other propulsion systems in terms of overall performance.

The SRE combines proven quality and technology with the latest hydrodynamic insights from CFD simulations and model tests. It is the first pulling azimuth thruster systematically designed as a high-torque L-Drive layout, thereby eliminating the upper gear inside the vessel. The advantages over a Z-Drive layout are a 3% gain in mechanical efficiency and a high degree of comfort thanks to extremely low vibration and low noise levels. At the same time, the EcoPeller’s customised strut versions enhance overall vessel efficiency through the potential of thruster-hull optimisation.

Beyond this, the integrated High-Torque-Gear (HTG) technology provides enhanced durability and uptime of the thruster, while the Leacon sealing system guarantees oil-to-water-interface protection.

The SRE offers extensive installation options. Its integration capability allows all propulsion system components to be produced in customised lengths, thereby enabling optimal hydrodynamic integration into hulls of virtually every shape and size. This same flexibility is possible with any preferred set of motors.

The SRE is available in various sizes for power ratings between 300kW and 4,500kW. The propeller types available are FP (Fixed Pitch) and CP (Controllable Pitch). The full-feathering function, available as a CP option, allows the propeller blades to be moved to a low-resistance position if required. In this way, individual propulsion units can be shut down completely while generating minimal resistance.

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