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Friday, October 19, 2018 

A report published by the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) suggests that if seagoing vessels were better informed about the availability of berths and adapted their speed accordingly, substantial savings could be made regarding fuel and CO2 emissions.

Athens-based ship tracking and maritime intelligence provider MarineTraffic, which is one of the GIA members, alongside the Port of Rotterdam and Shell, says it full suports the report's interim findings which underline GIA's just-in-time (JIT) greenhouse gas (GHG) initiative.

MarineTraffic Partner, Business Development, Argyris Stasinakis (pictured) said: "We commend all the work on lowering GHG emissions undertaken by the GIA, IMO initiative. The findings in the report released today are another important step towards achieving a more efficient and environmentally conscious industry."

Earlier this year, the Port of Rotterdam Authority launched Pronto, a port call optimisation platform which combines a variety of data sources so that a port call by a vessel can be planned as accurately as possible. Dr Stasinakis commended this project, highlighting the work that MarineTraffic are undertaking in this field, stating: "We believe that significant savings can be achieved by optimising the approach of a vessel at port. Consequently, we measure the magnitude of the problem, as expressed by long waiting times at anchorage for dry and wet fleets."

Dr Stasinakis concluded by highlighting the value of AIS in achieving even greater optimisations during port call. He said: "AIS observations are proving extremely powerful, giving us a global foundation to develop next-generation planning and forecasting applications in this domain. Sharing information on a ship's journey, its cargo or service operations, and berth occupancy can be instrumental for just-in-time arrival."

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