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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 

Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) has announced that the Vancouver naval architecture practice has been selected as the designer of a new class of icebreaking tugs for Alfons Håkans, a major tugboat owner and operator in Finland.

The collaboration between Alfons Håkans, with extensive practical experience in harbour tug operations and icebreaking, and RAL with its long history of icebreaking vessel and compact icebreaker-tug designs resulted in the development of what is said to be a unique, high-performance vessel.

These new tugs will be specifically designed for year-round service in the Baltic Sea and particularly in the Northern Baltic Sea which is covered with heavy ice during winter. The TundRA series of tug designs are specially developed for operations in a full range of ice conditions and are uniquely designed for each specific ice class and set of operating conditions.

The tugs for Alfons Håkans will be 31.5m length oa, 12.0m breadth, and 5.6m draught. Two 2,000kW main engines will offer 13 knot speed and at least 67t bollard pull. There will be accommodation for seven personnel on board.

The new TundRA 3200 series tugs will be built at Sanmar Shipyards S.A. in Turkey. They will be classed by Bureau Veritas, with notation: ✠ Hull, ✠ Mach, Escort Tug, ✠ AUT-UMS, Baltic Service, Ice Class 1A, INWATERSURVEY, Green Passport-EU

These tugs will be capable of performing multiple tasks, including escort, ship- assist, icebreaking and ice management, open sea towing, fire-fighting, small cargo transfer on deck including 20ft containers, assistance in salvage, and oil spill recovery. The hull is designed for icebreaking with strength that is significantly above requirements of the prescribed ice class 1A to ensure safety during icebreaking operations and eliminate the possibility of structural damage and shell plate deformation. For ship-assist in berthing and unberthing the tug is fitted with all necessary equipment and fendering for two directional, bow and astern pushing and pulling.

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