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Wednesday, November 28, 2018 

Island Tug and Barge Ltd’s new ATB push tug the 'Island Raider' has entered service pushing the double hulled refined petroleum products barge, 'ITB Resolution'. The vessel is the first of two, twin Z-drive, ATB push tugs for service on the West Coast of North America.

Constructed at Island Tug’s Annacis Island Shipyard on the Fraser River, the Island Raider is connected by an articulating pin system to the ITB Resolution which was retrofitted with pin ladders and stern extensions for connecting to the new tug.

Designer Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) says that the design was developed in close collaboration with Island Tug. RAL's  design, engineering, and support package included: hull form optimisation study using CFD; design and outfitting drawings; resistance, self-propulsion, propeller design, and pin loading studies, again using CFD; complete production design package; assistance with jigs for Island Tug’s yard; CFD manoeuvring studies to assist in developing training simulator model; and engineering support throughout construction.

Propulsion machinery for the 24.9m push tug consists of two Cummins KTA 38 main engines each delivering 850 BHP at 1800 rpm connected by Centa hollow carbon fibre floating shafts to Rolls Royce US 105 P9 12FP Z-drives with 1.6 m propellers and with integral slipping clutches.

The ATB connection pins are Articouple model FRC 35S designed for 3 m significant wave height. The FRC pin system allows the tug to stay in the notch during all loading/offloading operations by allowing relative vertical movement of the tug and barge while still connected. With the twin Z-drives on the tug, and the remote operated 360 degree bow thruster on the barge, the combined ATB unit has exceptional manoeuvrability. With a fully loaded barge, a crash stop can be performed in just over 1 combined tug/barge ship length. Additionally, the ATB pushing arrangement brings with it substantially higher efficiency over conventional towing.

The relatively large wheelhouse has excellent visibility and features a state of the art Alphatron integrated bridge console. Noise levels are very low due to the comprehensive noise and vibration reduction treatments designed into the vessel and the careful application of the treatments by the construction team.

The tug is designed and constructed to Lloyd’s Register Class requirements and for Transport Canada compliance to notation LR ✠ 100 A1 Tug, MCH, IWS, UMS.

The Island Raider / ITB Resolution ATB unit is claimed to significantly raise the bar for coastal transportation in terms of operating efficiency, fuel efficiency, safety, and crew comfort.

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