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Monday, December 3, 2018 

Subsea Industries of Belgium has reported on recent applications of its Ecolock protective coating.

Ecolock is mainly intended for use on stationary offshore units, designed to stay on station typically for 15-20 years but in some cases up to 30 years. It offers both corrosion protection and the ability to be easily cleaned.  As Class demands an underwater inspection twice every five years to see if the structure is in good shape the hull must be cleaned to allow these inspections. Ecolock is said to be well suited to a regular two-year cleaning cycle.

The standard warranty is ten years, but for Ecolock this can be extended to 15 or 20 years. The difference is the number of layers. Two coats give 10 years, three coats 15 and four coats give 20. The company says that this is a real guarantee, not just a commercial promise.

Subsea Industries has completed several big offshore projects, including two for Exmar of Antwerp. These include the world’s first floating LNG liquefaction barge, the Caribbean FLNG, coated in 2013. The main reason for choosing Ecolock was to protect the underwater hull from corrosion for at least 15 years without having to drydock or repair or replace the hull coating. Another key factor in choosing the hull coating system was the need for a clean, environmentally safe hull to facilitate the required class inspections.

Another Ecolock project was planned to be deployed in Colombia where there is a lot of fishing activity. So besides durability and the knowledge that the coating would stay on for long enough, the owner and the local authorities wanted to be absolutely sure that no toxic elements would be leaching into the aquatic environment, not only during regular activity but also not due to cleaning.

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