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Monday, November 12, 2018 

Torqeedo has launched new Deep Blue 100kW electric motors, which means that twin installations can now provide up to 200kW of power in a fully integrated drive system. The previous maximum output was 50kW, or 100kW twin.

The motors are available in two versions: a low-rpm version for displacement boats and a high-rpm version for small planing vessels.

German company Torqeedo’s battery packs were adapted from the lithium batteries used in BMW electric vehicles, upgraded for marine applications. The company has now launched an upgraded, higher-capacity version - the Deep Blue 40 kWh battery, which features more than 30% more capacity in the same footprint and an energy density of 144Wh/kg. This 30% increase in energy and energy density will also extend to Torqeedo’s 24V batteries. Based on the new capacity, the 24V battery gets a new name, Power 24-3500, featuring an energy density of 138Wh/kg.

Other new introductions include Torqeedo’s new Travel 1103 C mtor, claimed to be the quietest in its class, due to gearless direct drive and silence-focused engineering. It features optimised throttle characteristics for improved control and enhanced mechanical robustness.

“By delivering more power, more energy, more silence and more convenience, Torqeedo honours its commitment to improve customers’ boating experiences and advance marine electric mobility every year.”, said Christoph Ballin, CEO of Torqeedo.

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