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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 

Oldendorff Carriers is installing environmentally friendly LED lighting across its fleet of bulk carriers, following the success of seatrials carried out over the course of the year.

Of the different LED manufacturer’s lights assessed, the trials found varying performance levels including differing intensities and colours. However, the environmental advantages of LED lights were found to be up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, such as fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights.

LED lights contain no toxic elements, emit virtually no IR or UV, are breakage resistant and largely immune to vibrations and other impacts. Fewer lights are needed and life span is greater than traditional lighting, Oldendorff found.

After tests on four ships, Oldendorff evaluated the feedback from crews and determined it was worthwhile to switch to LED. The tests also helped to identify the optimal LED lights for its vessels.

“We have now started to supply our vessels with the selected lights. The first six ships have now been fitted. The remaining ships will either get equipped in drydock or during the upcoming voyages by the crew,” said Oldendorff.

“With LED bulbs fitted, the workload for the crew onboard will be significantly reduced, as the lifetime of LED bulbs is about five-times longer compared with normal fluorescent bulbs.”

The use of LED’s will also reduce the electrical power requirement and consequently the emissions from each ship.

“We will continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint,” said the shipowner.

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