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Monday, May 27, 2019 

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), which is jointly owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kobe Diesel, has announced the development of a main engine type with super low fuel consumption.

The new UEC42LSH engine, which will be released to the market in March 2021, will be a successor to the UEC45LSE, aimed at small and medium sized vessels, mainly Handysize bulkers. The  UEC42LSH is being designed around the optimal output and engine speed for these ship as well as small sized chemical tankers, based on thorough market research.

The engine is expected to offer low fuel consumption and downsizing in order to comply with EEDI regulations and save machinery room space, again in response to market requirements. The design additionally takes into account the trends towards digitisation and CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) in order to enhance reliability.

The UEC42LSH was launched at the recent Bari-Ship 2019 exhibition, held in Imabari city, Ehime Prefecture. At the same time, J-ENG introduced the UEC-LSJ mono-fuel MGO (Marine Gas Oil) Concept which has been developed under the 'JUMP' (J-ENG, Unique Marine Power), project, to comply with latest NOx, SOx and CO2 (EEDI) regulations. In particular, the IMO SOx regulations, entering in force from 2020, were a driving force. J-ENG sees several benefits in MGO and/or MDO, which have proved stable and are widely available.

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