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Monday, January 14, 2019  (Comments: 1)

MAN Energy Solutions has published a paper which applied the company's latest propulsion technologies to achieve the greatest possible energy efficiency for a typical container ship of 11,000 TEU.

According to MAN, it is always a challenge to identify the optimum operating profile for the expected 25 years of vessel operation. So MAN Energy Solutions gathered information and integrated data from similar vessels operating according to various patterns.

The optimal engine choice was an 8-cylinder 950mm bore two-stroke, either G95 Mk. 10.5 or GI Mk. 2 gas versions. The updated design for either engine offers lower engine weight, improved consumption values (1% pilot oil consumption), and zero methane slip.

With a service speed of 22 knots, the vessel is expected to sail for 40 days between bunkering, which is considered to be one round trip. The average port stay duration is set at 28 hours, with six port stays in a 40 day round trip.

Operating in non-NECA zones, i.e. entirely in Tier II NOX emission areas, with pilot fuel oil <0.5% sulphur, the ship will operate 100% of the time on gas. In order to cover the endurance required (40 operating days), the vessel should carry about 2,575 tonnes of LNG, corresponding to a tank volume of about 6,300 m3. The optimal solution would be a either a membrane or a type A tank. Installation of a PTO on the main engine would result in further optimisation of the energy consumption.

Applying mathematical models, MAN Energy Solutions believe its dual fuel two-stroke ME-GI main engines, with dual fuel four-stroke auxiliaries and the recent developments in fuel gas supply systems – the MAN PVU –  all demonstrated the viability of LNG as a fuel option and underline the company's commitment to supporting gas-fuelled vessels in the future. The paper can be downloaded here.

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Dear Sirs, You showed an example of a container ship. DO you have such an example or article in case of a bulk carrier or a tanker? Kind regards,

By Arun Kr Dev on Monday, January 21, 2019

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