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Wednesday, December 5, 2018 

Kongsberg Maritime’s new Hugin Superior AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) System is claimed to offer significantly enhanced data, positioning and endurance capabilities that will stimulate a positive step-change in subsea survey operations for commercial, government, and naval users.

Leveraging and improving on the power of the HUGIN technology platform, and its experience as a trailblazer in maritime autonomy since it pioneered Dynamic Positioning in the seventies, Kongsberg Maritime says it has created a game-changing new AUV generation that places data quality and its reliable and cost-effective collection front and centre.

The Hugin Superior platform packages latest technologies into one system delivering twice the area. It is equipped with the HISAS 1032 Dual Receiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) which generates about 1000m swath at 2.5 knots for SAS imagery, real aperture and SAS bathymetry, with consistent resolution over the entire swath (typically 5x5cm in mission imagery). The system also features the EM2040 Mk II multibeam.

Configurable for diverse applications, a data suite with upgraded SAS processing, sidescan sonar imagery, bathymetry, sub-bottom profiler, camera, laser, magnetometer, turbidity and environmental sensors for i.e., methane and CO2 measurement, ensures that the new Hugin is ready for field development surveys, pipeline inspection, environmental monitoring or wreck searches.

Contributing to improved data confidence for users at sea and ashore, the Hugin Superior utilises sophisticated positioning technology, with in mission standard navigation rated twice as effective as other AUV platforms, including current Hugin models. Operating Hugin Superior now costs less with fewer external updates needed, and with new potential for concurrent revenue generation, further economic efficiencies can be achieved.

The new AUV comes with a 30% increase in energy capacity on board, without changing form factor or size. While extending mission endurance, the extra power available can also be used to maintain current levels of endurance while adding more sensors, increasing productive survey time and contributing to reduced OPEX.

“The new Hugin Superior AUV System is available alongside the existing Hugin and Munin AUV Systems, expanding our product portfolio to cover all market segments and performance requirements,” said Richard Mills, Director, Marine Robotics Sales, Kongsberg Maritime. “Our new flagship AUV is designed to deliver superior data, positioning and mission endurance, enabling users to do more with a single asset than ever before. Ultimately, it can generate much more data for less operational expenditure, all while offering the best survey class data quality, achieved through advanced techniques such as in-situ navigation processing and data cleaning.”

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