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Sunday, October 28, 2018 

Naval Architect Knud E. Hansen has signed a contract with DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark for the concept design of a 65m multidisciplinary marine research vessel to replace 1981-built R/V Dana IV.

The Danish designer will provide a concept study and clarify design drivers to evaluate preliminary construction requirements for a new R/V Dana V. The objective is to evaluate on the feasibility of the project and provide the business case and documentation for the ongoing process of raising finances for the construction of the ship.

The project team stress the importance of cost efficiency in all aspects of the concept study as well as creating a design with minimal operating and lifespan costs. Such a ship is expected to become a unique platform for marine research and polar exploration in the Arctic regions at an attractive price.

Like the R/V Dana IV the new research vessel will be designed for operations in ice waters in both the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic. The vessel would be classed to Polar Code PC B 6/7 as well as complying with a requirement for low underwater radiated noise during scientific operations.

The ship will be designed with an efficient fishing gear configuration and will have several laboratories. Also, the vessel will be designed for multiple scientific equipment onboard as well as operational installations and sensors at the bottom of the hull. On deck, a large A-frame will be designed for handling various equipment and fishing gear. Smaller cranes operating from the side of the vessel will handle smaller nets and sampling equipment.

The project study and concept design will be finished by Knud E. Hansen in 6 months and will be completed with a technical report and a general arrangement for the continued design process as well as a report for the use of government officials in further processes.

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