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Wednesday, May 1, 2019 

Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), has signed a contract for construction and supply of eight Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts (ASWSWCs) for the Indian Navy, following a tender floated by the Ministry of Defence.

The first ship is to be delivered within 42 months from contract signing date and subsequent delivery schedule will be two ships per year, with the project completed within 84 months from date of contract.

The ASWSWC is designed for a deep displacement of about 750 tonne, speed of 25 knots and complement of 57 and to be capable of full scale sub surface surveillance of coastal waters and co-ordinated ASW operations with aircraft. In addition, the vessels will have the capability to interdict/destroy sub surface targets in coastal waters. They can also be deployed for search and rescue by day and night in coastal areas. In their secondary role, they will be capable to prosecute intruding aircraft, and lay mines in the sea bed.

The vessels will be equipped with advanced integrated platform management systems including propulsion machinery, auxiliary machinery, power generation and distribution machinery and damage control machinery.

The ASWSWC contracts augur well for CSL into the future; CSL is currently investing in a new 310m dry dock at Kochi and a shiplift based repair yard at Willingdon Island, Kochi. CSL is building India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier which is in advanced stages of testing and commissioning, a Technology Demonstration Vessel for the DRDO,  nine Floating Border Outpost Vessels and a total of 27 small vessels for various government clients. In the commercial sector, CSL has recently won a contract for four Mini Bulk Carriers. and two passenger vessels. In 2018 it handled around 88 repair projects.

CSL has ambitious plans for expansion and has commenced ship repair operations at Mumbai Port, and will start ship repair operations at Kolkata and Port Blair. CSL has formed a Joint Venture Company in Kolkata to cater the needs of the inland waterway vessels segment and is creating a new shipyard in Kolkata for this purpose.

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