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Thursday, July 4, 2019 

Subsea Industries of Antwerp has received an order for its specialist hull and rudder coatings for application on two Robert Allan Ltd designed icebreaking tugs under construction at Turkey’s Sanmar Shipyards.

The pair of 67t BP ice class ASD tugs include a number of special features to cater for arctic conditions. They are specifically designed for the year-round service in the Baltic Sea and particularly in the Northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia which is covered with heavy ice in winter time They will be capable of performing multiple tasks including escort, ship assist, icebreaking and ice management and open sea towing.

Subsea Industries hard-type coatings were selected amidst strong competition because of their proven performance in polar waters. The company says that its experience has shown that Ecospeed stays on the hull longer and resists the ice better than the most generally used specialized ice coatings. Ecospeed remains bonded to the ship’s plates even as they flex and bend under ice pressure and impact.

Ecospeed is a certified abrasion resistant ice coating. Owners are allowed to reduce the thickness of the steel of the ice belt if this area is coated with Ecospeed. This gives them a significant financial benefit during newbuild projects. Ecospeed is one of only a few coatings that have received this certificate.

An ice-going hull coating must have low friction characteristics in order to be fuel efficient. But it is not enough for the hull to be smooth and have low friction at launch. It must stay that way for the life of the vessel. Ecospeed is claimed to hold up and not be damaged in the ice and so will remain smooth for the life of the vessel, thus saving fuel. Even if minor repairs are needed in drydock the original quality of the coating remains intact.

RRS Ernest Shackleton and RRS James Clark Ross of British Antarctic Survey have been coated with Subsea Industries products with good results. The coatings have been selected for the newbuild research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough, the biggest commercial shipbuilding contract in Britain for 30 years. Another 150 applications on ice going hulls have shown that these coating can withstand the impact of ice for many years on end, proving their strength and durability.

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