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Friday, September 28, 2018 

Incat Crowther has announced the launch of ‘Xin Hai Bin’, a 40m Catamaran Passenger Ferry built by AFAI for Zhuhai Fast Ferry Company.

Incat Crowther’s relationship with AFAI dates back to 1982, when the yard built the first Incat Crowther ferries to enter service in China. In 2018, Xin Hai Bin is the 50th Incat Crowther-designed vessel for operation in China.

Xin Hai Bin is based on the proven Incat Crowther Z-bow hull form used on 2012’s Hai Ju and Hai Yao. The latest vessel featured a lengthened hull and a new modernised superstructure, with two passenger decks and a raised wheelhouse. The modular approach, collaboratively developed between yard and designer, gave AFAI a competitive advantage in both cost and delivery.

Xin Hai Bin is powered by a pair of MTU 16V2000 M70 main engines, each delivering 1,050kW and driving fixed-pitch propellers. The vessel’s Z-bow hull form is claimed to exhibit excellent characteristics in rough water, whist giving the vessel class-leading efficiency.

The company adds that Xin Hai Bin is a sound demonstration of the strong relationship between Incat Crowther and AFAI, and the value such a relationship brings to the China market.

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