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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 

According to Evac, vacuum toilets offer many advantages, including lower water consumption and a more efficient action. However, designers tend to choose traditional gravity toilets for specialised cruise vessels and luxury yachts because they are available in a wider range of colours and styles.

Evac says it has developed a solution that gives designers the best of both worlds, with the Evac VacuConvert, which enables conventional wall-mounted gravity toilets to be converted to vacuum operation. A wall mounted frame, which can be concealed beneath panelling, enables them to be connected to the Evac vacuum collection system. The conversion kit is compatible with a wide range of gravity toilet models and broadens the range of options for interior designers.

After conversion, the toilet uses 2.5 litres (0.6 gallon) per flush, a considerable water saving, amounting to thousands of litres over the period of a year. As designers look toward new ways of conserving water and reducing the environmental impact of vessels, the VacuConvert provides a reliable solution. The Evac VacuConvert front access panel, available as an extra, allows maintenance work to be carried out quickly and easily, if required.

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