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Tuesday, October 9, 2018 

US/Nordic steel supplier SSAB Multisteel says that its inventory now includes a number of European and US standards for shipbuilding, pressure vessel, and structural steel plate in the 260-355 MPa yield strength range.

The company says that this allows for streamlined stock while still satisfying customer needs within a wide range of applications. It adds that it offers a very narrow window for dimensional tolerances, chemical composition and mechanical properties, which results in reliable workshop performance every time.

Welding performance is ensured by a CEV value that is lower than standard for most grades, while bending properties are guaranteed to be better than those stated in Euronorm requirements. The consistent yield strength and thickness accuracy from batch to batch make for predictable and repetitive spring back. Minimum bending radius is 2 x thickness in all directions.

With large stockholdings of SSAB Multisteel, the company believes it is easy to achieve fast delivery of the required grades and dimensions, with no waiting for special orders to arrive from the mill.

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