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Tuesday, March 12, 2019 

Building on its reputation as a supplier to the UK RNLI Shannon Class lifeboat, DuroWipers has secured an order to kit out one newbuild search & rescue vessel for the Dutch equivalent, The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM).

The order comes from Habbeké Shipyard which has ordered three DuroWipers 60 Class for its newbuild KNRM 18m Valentijn RIB. The yard has so far built 17 of KNRM’s 18 Valentijn RIBs, of which two will now be equipped with DuroWipers for testing.

Noel Gould, CEO, DuroWipers, said: “It’s clear that our reputation precedes us in the global search and rescue sector. The Class 60 wipers will help the KNRM achieve everything it needs to too when it comes to safety and efficiency and improve its environmental credentials too.”

The Class 60 is designed for high-speed vessels where space and weight are limited, but high performance is required. It uses a 5mm frame with two main drive bearings similar to the Class 80 giving added strength for vessels combating heavy water.

Hans van der Molen, technical department manager, KNRM, said that KNRM is currently evaluating whether DuroWipers are a good solution going forward for its Valentijn and Valentijn 2000 class. “Other wipers have a much shorter lifespan, DuroWipers are more expensive but much better quality,” he said. “KNRM is evaluating the DuroWipers for use on our coastal lifeboats, due to a positive experience with DuroWipers on our Nh1816 prototype lifeboat. We expect they will outperform the current wipers especially when taking “green” water.”

Central to DuroWipers specification in most cases are the common issues of the environment and sustainability. End users are buying into the concept that buying cheap is often environmentally irresponsible because the of replacement costs and the impact on the environment.

DuroWipers offers a 10-year guarantee on its wipers for the RNLI and a lifetime guarantee on its products to the Royal Navy. For commercial operators it offers a free warranty for three years, beyond the usual 12-month standard. DuroWipers considers this to be its real selling point because it means no need for any spares or maintenance costs, so the products are better for the environment.

Habbeké has a long association with KNRM. Over and above building its 18 Valentijn RIB life boats, it is now actively expanding the range in cooperation with several naval architects including De Vries Lentsch and DSMG.

Under the RNLI Shannon Class build programme in the UK, the latest vessel to be equipped with DuroWipers pantographs will be Barmouth’s brand new RNLI Shannon lifeboat, the Ella Larsen, delivered on 10 March 2019.

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