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Thursday, January 17, 2019  (Comments: 1)

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), a company jointly owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kobe Diesel, has held a demonstration of its UEC50LSJ-EGR engine.

The engine, which is intended for use solely with distillate fuel, is touted by the company as a potential solution to the global 2020 fuel sulphur limit. This concept is still under development, subsidised by the Nippon Foundation. The design was carried out under the JUMP (J-ENG Unique Marine Power) concept which began last year. The UEC50LSJ is designed in compliance with the latest environmental requirements to reduce NOx and SOx emissions, as well as EEDI.

J-ENG believes its solution for compliance with the 2020 global sulphur cap is potentially the safest and most reliable. Distillate fuels are stable and readily available, and although MGO/MDO is more expensive per tonne, its characteristics will improve fuel consumption and provide a higher EEDI figure. And because no heating, cleaning or other fuel pre-treatment is needed this will contribute to lower running costs, both when the ship is in operation and when at anchor. The simplification of engine room arrangements will, says J-ENG, benefit all stake holders: ship owners, ship operators, shipyards and crew.

Performance optimisation and reliability verification tests are currently being conducted, and the company is confident it will achieve its target results. Further fine tuning will contribute further to its environmental friendliness.

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I went to sea in 1960 when Owners were in the process of changing ME Fuel from Distillate (MG/DO) to HFO. I sailed on one vessel with a Doxford Engine which had a "Common Rail" Fuel System & only burned D.O. That vessel had not experienced any stoppages due to ME problems. The Marine World has come full circle in the the last 60 years and it is a good thing for all concerned

By James Weedon on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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