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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 

ShippingLab has been formed as a non-profit innovation and project partnership, under the Danish Maritime Authority’s Blue Denmark banner, as a collaborative effort to solve challenges that are too big to handle by any single entity.

Initially, about 30 partner organisations - including names such as Maersk, MAN, Scandlines, Torm, Lauritzen and Force Technology - are working together, in four work packages, aiming to create 'Denmark’s first autonomous, environmental friendly ship.' Under ShippingLab, the Danish maritime community initiates an ambitious platform for maritime research, development and innovation.

WP1 focuses on vessel modelling and estimation of the effects that the environment has on vessel and system performance. It will deliver tools and methodology for digital twinning of vessels in the seaway, to establish Denmark as a centre of excellence in performance management.

The overall objective of WP 2 is be able to demonstrate autonomy, up to unmanned operation on a Danish vessel. This will develop novel methods and algorithms for autonomous vessels and integrate with existing technology for navigation, steering, manoeuvring and berthing. Technology developed by this research aims to enhance the competitive edge of Danish maritime suppliers.

WP3 focuses on decarbonisation and zero emission operation, through electrification of the propulsion system, based on hybrid or fully electric solutions. The WP will develop a test platform for clean-tech solutions enabling full-scale emission free port stays. Initially planning will couple fuel cell and battery technologies, but the WP will offer the test platform to other clean-tech solutions.

WP4 covers management of ShippingLab and the integration and outreach of the activities with the surrounding maritime environment. The objective of WP4 is to lead ShippingLab and ensure the coordination of activities between work packages, communicate and disseminate knowledge and results between stakeholders, and assist the Steering Committee.

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