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Friday, October 26, 2018 

UK company Solar Solve Marine says that for several years it has actively promoted the environmentally friendly aspects of its Solasolv and Rolasolv ranges of anti-glare sunscreens.

The company has worked with an international laboratory specialising in building environments and a highly qualified researcher to carry out tests to quantify the actual cost savings achievable with these products. The research was based on data supplied by the company in association with other information made available to the laboratory.

For various types of vessel on hypothetical routes and with Solasolv screens in use at the navigation bridge windows, a selection of potential savings in air conditioning power were calculated. In the case of a ferry with a large wheelhouse, with Solasolv Silver shade film roller sunscreens in use, it was estimated that savings could be as high as 81%. That, says the company, would also result in associated savings in cost and a reduction in air-pollutant gas emissions, as well as offsetting the initial financial outlay of installing the screens.

The company says that in addition to improving the environment directly through use of its products, it looks for opportunities to be associated with projects aimed at improving the environment for future generations. In April 2018 Solar Solve was approached for sponsorship in respect of Southampton Hydro Team, a group of students from the Universities of Southampton and Southampton Solent, participating in the HydroContest. Solar Solve was happy to agree to such a worthwhile venture.

According to MD John Lightfoot: “The younger generation especially, are all acutely aware that radical changes have to be made to the way the world population makes use of the available resources, to create the energy needed to enable our existence and our current quality of life.  They know we are going to have to change our lifestyle, if we want to avoid the terrifying after effects of continuing to live the way we do now.”

A more detailed report on the laboratory tests and the researcher’s conclusions can be read on the dedicated BE GREEN page of Solar Solve’s website.

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