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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 

Maritime software, services and data analysis provider Napa of Finland has announced a comprehensive service and product agreement extension with cruise operator Carnival Corporation.

The agreement covers comprehensive services for the onboard NAPA Loading Computers, training certification for Carnival’s CSMART training facility, and a framework agreement for future deployments of Napa solutions.

Carnival’s commitment to the highest performance standards for its ships and safety for its passengers and crew led to its early adoption of solutions such as Napa’s electronic logbooks, voyage reporting, and flooding decision support systems. These technologies, as well as numerous others, have been developed in close co-operation with Carnival over a working partnership that has spanned more than 15 years. Today, every ship in the Carnival Corporation fleet has Napa technology solutions on board that help monitor risks in real time and improve decision making in an emergency.

One of the most important advances in Napa and Carnival’s cooperation has been the development of the NAPA Emergency Computer to meet the need to have a precise, simple, and robust onboard decision support system for flooding incidents that exceeds the requirements of the regulations. NAPA Emergency Computer has been installed on all Carnival newbuilds since 2016 and installations to selected existing ships started last year with Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess and Regal Princess. An agreement has been signed to refit Carnival Splendor and Carnival Breeze with Napa Emergency Computer.

Napa Emergency Computer’s vulnerability monitoring is needed to increase awareness of an intact ship’s safety level by taking into account potential risks. NAPA Emergency Computer continuously monitors for faulty sensors, open watertight doors and sea condition. The overall vulnerability level is shown as a green-yellow-red colour code.

Mikko Forss, Americas Sales Director for Napa, said, “Stability management is a core component of passenger vessel operations. Solutions such as the Napa Loading Computer are approved by all major class societies and together with Napa Emergency Computer they provide unrivalled decision support capabilities to ensure safe operations.”

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