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Thursday, April 4, 2019 

BIMCO is to open an office in Athens in the early summer of 2019, with the objective of establishing a stronger and closer dialogue with BIMCO’s Greek membership and to recruit more Greek members. Greek shipowners are already the biggest group of BIMCO members measured by fleet size.

“Opening an office in Athens is an important step to make BIMCO even more member-focused,” said BIMCO President, Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, Principal of Common Progress. “There is a lot of regulation coming and being a BIMCO member will help Greek shipowners get the advice and information they need to make decisions about their business.”

The office will be staffed by one person – as with BIMCO’s Singapore office – who will report to BIMCO’s Head of Membership and Business Development, Erik Jensby. BIMCO is in the process of recruiting the right person for the office. BIMCO has not yet found a physical location for the office, but the intention is to rent space with another company, which is the solution BIMCO used for its other local offices in Shanghai and Singapore.

The office will be focused on servicing Greek members and promoting the benefits of joining BIMCO to non-members. Currently, BIMCO has 152 Greek shipowners as members.

“We want to be more visible in Athens. The job is to go and meet with members and potential members several times every day, to make sure they understand what we can do for them, and to gather feedback from our members,” said Jensby.

The secretariat in Copenhagen will continue to be responsible for the day to day work on shipping policy and regulation.

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