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Saturday, September 8, 2018 

SKF Group has introduced launching two new products from the company's bilge water treatment and monitoring solutions portfolio. The new Turbulo SolidMaster and Turbulo HycaLogger systems are designed to improve the de-oiling process of currently installed oily-water separator systems and provide accurate records of the content of bilge discharges in the event of MARPOL 73/78 compliance disputes, respectively.

The Turbulo SolidMaster is a filtration system installed between oil skimming equipment, such as SKF's Turbulo Sludge Buoy, and an oily water separator (OWS), such as SKF's Turbulo Mechanical Phase Breaker system, to mechanically remove suspended solids from bilge water and thus help to extend the life expectancy of the OWS separation elements.

Removal of these solids also reduces incidences of 'false' oil high alarms which may delay discharge of otherwise adequately treated oily bilge water. Additionally, Turbulo SolidMaster will support an Integrated Bilge Water Treatment System (IBTS) which is (still) a voluntary but IMO-recommended system to minimse the amount of oily bilge water generated in machinery spaces, by treating different types of liquids e.g. leaked water and oil separately.

Turbulo SolidMaster is comprised of a deep filtration unit made in the form of a metal perforated cylinder that is reusable. This unit is then equipped with two disposable filter bags that need to be exchanged when saturated. The saturation of the filter bag will be indicated by pressure gauges.

The Turbulo HycaLogger is an electronic data logging device that collects and records sensor measurements e.g. of flow rate and oil content, pursuant with the MARPOL 73/78 regulations. In addition, these measurements are time-stamped and correlated with instantaneous geographical location information provided by an external GPS system. These data are recorded in a database that can be exported via a USB port into a csv-file running on an tablet or laptop.

The Turbulo HycaLogger can be mounted directly on the OWS or located conveniently near to it. The system is provided with a 4.3 inch touch-screen that displays the measured values while facilitating manual control inputs.

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