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Saturday, February 23, 2019 

Germany-based industrial services provider Bilfinger will supply marine exhaust gas cleaning system to 70 ocean-going vessels in contracts worth more than 100 million.

Since Bilfinger began transferring its power plant flue-gas desulphurisation expertise to maritime applications around two years ago, orders received have come to around €102 million. Bilfinger will now look to potential fabrication partners for flue-gas desulphurisation systems in China in order to meet demand.

Tom Blades, CEO of Bilfinger, said: "Our scrubbers stand out for their low operating costs, excellent environmental performance and high system reliability. There is huge potential for environmental technologies, especially in the maritime sector. Bilfinger has decades of expertise in flue-gas cleaning. This enables our customers to continue safely operating their vessels in what is becoming a stricter regulatory environment."

Bilfinger supplies both open-loop and hybrid scrubbers. With its scrubber solutions, the company provides a full-service package taking in development, fabrication and maintenance. Current customers include shipping companies from Germany and Greece as well as a shipyard in China.

Jens Borgschulte, Finance Director of Bilfinger’s Technologies Services division, said: "The scrubber is a virtually unrivalled product that pays for itself in just one to two and a half years. The strong demand bears out our successful technology transfer from the industrial plant sector to other growth segments."


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