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Friday, November 23, 2018 

Scantrol believes that its mTrak Active Heave Compensation (AHC) controller provides a flexible and affordable route into AHC for all subsea winches and cranes.

mTrack is an Active Heave Compensation controller that can be used with both new and existing winches. The flexibility of the controller makes it fast and easy to integrate with any winch or crane control system, and includes tools to simplify test and commissioning. mTrack has an internal MRU (motion reference unit) measuring vessel heave, pitch and roll motion, and uses Scantrol’s proven AHC technology to control the winch or cylinder to eliminate vessel motion being transferred to the load. The winch operator has precise control over the load, also when operating in rough sea conditions.

mTrack is designed to provide safe and reliable AHC control of all types of winches and cranes that are used for subsea operations. It includes predefined setup for various cranes, LARS ,and winch configurations in order to simplify system integration and commissioning. Standard configurations include knuckle boom cranes, telescopic cranes, LARS, electric winches, hydraulic winches and cylinders.

mTrack comes in two versions, mTrack and mTrack+. The former can compensate for up to 4m vessel motion and is suitable for winches with speed capacity of up to 1.3 m/s, which the company believes is within the normal range for most AHC applications. For greater (up to 8m) vessel motion and winches with speed capacity of up to 3 m/s, Scantrol recommends mTrack+, which comes with an external MRU.

mTrack includes AHC control for winches and cylinders . In addition to AHC control functions, mTrack includes tools to streamline design, commissioning, and operation of AHC applications. These are:

  • AHC Analyzer - Design the optimum winch to meet required AHC performance, or determine AHC performance of an existing winch
  • Auto Tuning - Automatically tune the winch to compensate for potentially changing winch characteristics. Ensures efficient installation and calibration.
  • Dynatest -Verify winch performance at the factory or at quayside, and avoid expensive sea trials for AHC tuning.
  • AHC Performer - Continuous monitoring of vessel motion and winch operation. The operator can see the percentage of winch capacity used for AHC, to make educated decisions .
  • Remote Assistance - Support, operational help, software upgrades – all available through the vessels internet access.
  • AHC Logger - Recording of winch and system performance during AHC operation.

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